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It’s Fatburger or the Oscars

But wait – is not about Selma best director of all critical and the best picture list? DuVernay seems a strange choice for the opinion of the first year. As brunch began, she smiled and shrugged. “I am happy to be here,” she told USA TODAY. “It’s very nice.” So Selma, due out in theaters Friday National, she added, “I made little movies that nobody saw. Before (that) I have never had a film released in 20 theaters at a time. ”

But when Roche took the floor to accept the Dale Chihuly glass designed price (a “weird kind of thing bong-ish. But I’m honored! I do not have a bong that beautiful”), comics / director cut right through the polite applause.
Variety also honored 10 directors to watch, including Sean Baker (Tangerine), Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (Spring), Ava Duvernay (Selma) Elkabetz and Shlomi Elkabetz (Gett: The trial of Viviane Amsalem) Jeremy Garelick (The Wedding Ringer) Dan Gilroy (Nightcrawler), Marielle Heller (Diary of a teenager), Ruben Ostlund (Force Majeure), Damián Szifrón (wild tales) and Leigh Whannell (Insidious: chapter 3).
The brunch price is a tradition in the desert, where the omelette stations, mimosas and lobster ceviche expect Hollywood best.
And while the speeches were lovely – Carell, given the Creative Award impact interim evoked a primary school teacher whose support mimicking him a canoe leads to action (“And now for a hike, off-the-cuff anecdote “) – it was Rock that brought the house down.” We are here for varieties – Creative impact Awards, “he said, turning to look at the sign hanging on a green hedge behind it. “But, you know that we are trolling for votes Oscar Go – Just to be honest,” said Rock laugh, “I’ll call openly to voters.! February 22 is the 70th anniversary of my mother if I. am nominated, I will take her to the Oscars Otherwise, I will take him to Fatburger … ”
Director Richard Linklater’s childhood presented Rock with Creative impact Variety in Comedy Award, adding that Top Five Rock “is in my top five.” Linklater added: “Chris and I are going way back … the good old days,” he joked, as “1992 … Old Hollywood.”

kill man at San Francisco police station

The Mission district of San Francisco is sometimes chaotic mix of trendy bars catering for San Francisco technology workers, homeless people and recent immigrants from Central America.
Killings by police involved have attracted particular attention, especially if the suspect is black, from the deaths of unarmed black men Michael Brown and Eric Garner by white policemen, and filming in New York policemen Liu Wenjian and Rafael Ramos by a black man while officers were sitting in a patrol car.

Sergeants approached the man again and asked him to leave. Facing them, the suspect put his hands in his apron and began to withdraw from the parking lot, said Esparza. The sergeant asked him to show his hands. When he reached the door, he lifted his shirt and showed his wasteband that officials said appeared to be a handgun. As he pulled the gun, two sergeants shot the suspect, hitting him three times.
He was taken to the General Hospital in San Francisco, where he died. The officers were not injured and were placed on paid administrative leave,belladesoto police said.
Earlier in the day, the suspect had approached Mission station agents on a related appeal at the intersection of 16th and Mission, asking what kind of San Francisco police carry weapons, whether they had been involved in shooting an involved officer, said the SFPD in a statement.
At 5:20 p.m. PT, a 32-year-old white man entered the part of the SFPD Mission Station parking is limited, said the spokesman Albie Esparza. Three sergeants approached the man, who was not identified, and told him to leave. The man started to walk away, down the aisle of the station. But as sergeants prepared to get into their vehicles, they found the suspect was still in the parking lot and blocked their exit.

crosshairs for ‘defaming’ Thai royals

“Anyone can give an account of someone else. It (112) is used as a tool to get rid of the opposition.”
Taking their inspiration from the junta, royalist volunteer groups are scouring social media for potential violations – joining the ranks of state formation “cyber scouts” who patrol the Internet.
Organization of self-proclaimed Waste Collectors and Royal Monarch Alert Network Protection, who complained to the police about The Wolf married, both have hotlines to report possible violations of the law.
In this atmosphere of surveillance, the charges and lese majeste sentences are up.
The International Federation for Human Rights based in Paris said 18 new arrests have been made since the coup, echoing Amnesty International that describe the number of new charges as “unprecedented.”
“There’s a fog over the kingdom,” said a member of the activist “Prakai Fai” (spark Fire) theater group at the center of controversy AFP from outside Thailand, requested anonymity.
“But we have to accept that Thailand still has laws that block critical opinions, laws that shut people’s mouths.”
The bride wolf was conducted in October 2013, several months before the coup, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of a student uprising at Thammasat University in Bangkok liberal.
Student Patiwat Saraiyaem, 23 and Porntip Mankong, 26, face jail after pleading guilty to a violation of Article 112 of roles – as an actor and co-producer, respectively.

They have been in custody since their arrest in August
The case is just one of many driven through by a junta that says it must be the champion of the monarchy – led by revered but ill 87-year-old King Bhumibol Adulyadej – while simultaneously reshaping the political landscape of Thailand.
But the army has led the Thai company on a dark road, according to the deputy Prakai Fai, deliberately blurring the lines between political dissent and perceived attacks on the monarchy.
Forced abroad to escape arrest for defaming the Thai monarchy, members of a theater group say the ruling junta has mired the kingdom in a witch hunt as it ramps up to prosecution under laws notorious treason of the country.
Related Storie
Two people are already in custody for roles in a performance of “The Wolf Bride” – a satire set in a fictional kingdom – which triggered a cascade of complaints for allegedly slandering the royal family of Thailand.
Police hunting for at least six other violation of “112″ – Article fear of the Thai Penal Code which carries up to 15 years in prison for each count to insult, threaten or defaming the king, the queen , heir or regent.
The pipe on the wanted list, at least two have fled to Thailand, joining dozens of academics, activists and political opponents in voluntary exile once in the midst of a strong increase in “112″ since royalist generals seized power in May.

Engineering prof

However, my incompetence can have a positive side it may indicate that I’m young. Regarding a professor of British engineering is concerned, under 40 today are totally clueless when it comes to fixing electronic things that go wrong. Instead, they use the capitalist perfect remedy: they buy a new one.
Somehow, though, his anxiety is a tribute to talented people like her. Previously, engineers were not always terribly good at making things that worked. Especially if they were engineers make cars in Detroit. These days, however, things work much better, which means that we take for granted as a spouse after, oh, twenty months.

Danielle George –a Professor radio frequency engineering at the University of Manchester in England – is to give a series of lectures to inspire a renewed interest in engineering. The Telegraph quoted her as saying: “We have a lost generation that grew up with the electronics factory that work all the time.”
This is mainly because I hardly know how to put a slice of bread in a toaster. When I look at my friend George engineer fix my DVR, I think I’m in the presence of Leonardo da Vinci.
George admitted in an interview with the Independent that there is a perception that “science and mathematics [that is what they call there] is difficult.” This is mainly because science and math is difficult. At university, I wondered whether to study something scientifically. Then I realized that if I did, I would actually have to go to class.
She wants young people are more creative and innovative and think not only repair their gadgets but also reassignment for many other uses. In his lectures, it shows how to turn a smartphone into a microscope, a washing machine in a wind turbine and a microwave in a space station. (In fact, I could have done that the last in my enthusiasm.)
This seems awfully entertaining and useful. But it also sounds like hard work. We did not really like hard work, do not we? We akin to the British aristocracy particularly haughty. When officials down to perform, we put them in the grass and we just get someone more valid.

NYC officer mourned at funeral as tensions linger

Thousands of police officers across the country packed a church and dumped on the streets Saturday to honor General Rafael Ramos as a devoted family man, Chaplain and aspiring hero, but an air of unrest surrounding the ambush shooting has not been completely ruled out.
Although mourners inside the church applauded politely as the Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke, hundreds of police outside turned his back on him in a show of disrespect for what they see as its support to the protesters anti- police. “When the ball of a targeted two officers assassin, it was this city and touched the soul of a nation,” the vice president said.After burial, Lynch and de Blasio exchanged nods they came out of the church. Lynch declined to answer reporters’ questions about the agents turn back.
The rush of the officers away to New York for the funeral of Ramos recalled some of the bond after the attacks of September 11 and Superstorm Sandy. Vice President Joe Biden promised that the “incredibly diverse city can and will show the nation how to fill any gap.”
Yet, tensions were evident when officers turned away from giant screens showing Blasio,belladesoto who was severely criticized by union leaders of the New York Police Department as a contributor to a climate of mistrust that contributed to the murder Ramos and his partner, Wenjian Liu.

Police union leaders in contentious contract negotiations with the city criticized de Blasio to show sympathy to the angry protesters in the Michael Brown of police deaths in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner on Staten Island.
In a hospital after the murder of the officers, the president, Patrick Lynch, and other police union turned back de Blasio. Lynch said the mayor had “blood on their hands.”
In his eulogy, de Blasio said CityWide hearts were broken after the December 20 shootings.
“All of this city is in mourning and grief for many reasons,” said de Blasio. “. But is the person we lost a good man, and the family is in such pain, “In a statement, the spokesman Blasio said:” Families Ramos and Liu, our police department and our city are facing an inconceivable tragedy. Our only goal is unifying this city and honor the lives of two police officers. ”
The NYPD said through its public relations office that he had no comment.
Governor Andrew Cuomo praised the blue sea of mourning for their professionalism in recent over police conduct demonstrations when demonstrators insulted and Biden spoke passionately about the effects of deaths.Myron Joseph officers of the New Rochelle Police said he and his fellow officers turned their back spontaneously to “support our brothers in the NYPD.”

Every fight is now Armageddon in America

We seem to live in the era of high C, a time when every fight is Armageddon, every enemy is a monster, and each question is the key to national survival or the door to wish list is ruin.His a simple set of progressive initiatives. Between some of them: universal health care and education of young people, a vast new research assistance employment and training, a year of paid parental leave, an increase in the minimum wage indexed to prices the expansion of efforts that complement wages as Earned Income Tax Credit, and the government as an employer of last resort.
This habit seems especially pronounced in the way opponents of President Obama deal. It is strange that many continue to see Obama as a radical and a socialist even as the Dow hit record levels and the rich continue to do very well. If he is a socialist, he is surely the most incompetent practitioner in the history of Marxism.
Meg Greenfield, the late Washington Post editorial page editor, advised against writing in “High C” all the time. By this she meant that an editorial writer or columnist who expressed equally loud levels indignation of any lack credibility when something really outrageous that came deserved a well designed squeal.
But dream a little and assume that the American left signed proposals by Lane Kenworthy of the University of California-San Diego in its difficult (and, incidentally, very pro-market) book “social democratic America,” published earlier this year. Kenworthy’s argument is that we can “successfully embrace both flexibility and security, both competition and social justice.” Would it make us as, for example, Cuba? No and no. It might make us a little more like Germany, the Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries. We can discuss if we want to, but these market democracies get to share with us a condition for freedom and enterprise.

Obama’s response is part of a greater difficulty of pretending that we are philosophically far more divided than us. In all affluent democracies, even people who call themselves socialists actually pretend not to have an alternative to the market as the leading creator and distributor of goods and services. The borders on the left end of what is permissible in the public debate have been well pushed towards the center. This makes the hysteria and hyperbole even more incomprehensible.
His program, he said, would cost about 10 percent of our GDP. Now that’s a lot of money and the debate about whether we should spend it would be anything but phony. But would such a level of expenditure report the death of our constitutional system?

NYPD commissioner says

He acknowledged, however, that the morale of officers is low and said their actions “unfortunately” reflect the feelings of some to the mayor. Some police accuse of Blasio to create a negative atmosphere to the Department of New York police in the city after a grand jury declined to charge an officer of the seizure of the death of Eric Garner Police on Staten Island. “I certainly do not support that action,” he said. “The funeral was held to honor the Ramos direction. And put politics, bring issues in this case, I think was totally inappropriate.”

One day after the funeral of one of the two police officers shot dead in their patrol car, the police commissioner of the city on Sunday called for a “less rhetoric and more dialogue” to defuse the tension between the police and the people they protect.
Bratton also appeared on CBS ‘”Face the Nation”, where he defended the Mayor Bill de Blasio, saying it was bad for hundreds of police to turn your back to a video monitor outside a Queens church de Blasio spoke at the funeral of Rafael Ramos.Speaking agent on NBC’s “Meet The Press”, Commissioner William Bratton said the “repressed frustrations” that led people to take to the streets in recent weeks are going well beyond law enforcement policies across the country.
The gesture of Ramos burial came amid contentious negotiating contracts with the city. The ranking police union and file did not claim credit for the symbolic protest, and its leader, Patrick Lynch, dodged repeatedly attempted to ask about it after Ramos journalists at the funeral. “This is the continuing poverty rates, the continued growth the disparity between rich and poor. It’s still on unemployment issues. There are so many national issues that must be addressed as this is not only police,belladesoto I think we all know very well, “he said.
Bratton said that the rank and file officers, and much of the leadership of the American Police feels attacked, including “the federal government at the highest level.”
He urged: “See us see the police see why they have anxieties and perceptions they have …”

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